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L'Vonne McMillan

L’Vonne McMillan is the founder and CEO of Advocate for Me, LLC. Advocate for Me specializes in working with families of children with special needs, which include educational, social, emotional and health care needs. As a parent of a child who was born prematurely with special health care needs, this cause is very dear to her heart.
A Philadelphia native, L’Vonne has worked with various agencies providing one-on-one instruction and early intervention for clients with various special needs which include autism, Down syndrome, and mental health disorders. She has a wide range of experience in the social service field, as well as being a lead classroom teacher at various locations. In June 2004, she began offering tutoring and has provided many families with instruction and support in general mathematics, algebra, geometry, reading, reading comprehension and writing. As a result of her passion, she started the Marie Morgan Educational Center, Inc. in honor of her maternal grandmother. Due to the ongoing health needs of her son, the development and opening of the center has been delayed. As her son’s health is maintained and stabilized she has been able to embark on several different opportunities working with women and children.
L’Vonne has also chronicled her experiences as a mother of a child with special needs and educator in two collaborations with author Ericka Gilchrist, Women Thriving Fearlessly Volume 1 and Women Thriving Fearlessly Mother’s Edition.
As an early intervention educator, she has experienced first hand the disconnect that can occur between an early intervention specialist and classroom teacher. She wants to bridge the gap between the two and share tools and strategies that will assist the classroom teacher and family to provide a smooth transition for the child into a child care facility.
This is what inspired her first children’s book, What About Me? The first in her series, which follows David and his mother’s journey in dealing with the challenges of inclusion in a child care center.
Ms. McMillan’s desire is to enhance the lives of others and to make families more self-sufficient by supplying them with the gifts and talents that have been bestowed upon her as an educator, speaker, dancer, social service advocate and author.
Ultimately, L’Vonne’s mission and purpose is to advocate for others and she feels blessed to share this experience with her two children, Jordan and Jada, family and friends. Her driving force is providing her children with the tools and motivation to be self-sufficient and as their mother provide for them in the best possible way.
For more information or to schedule a free consultation please visit our website: www.Lmadvocateforme.com