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Educational Institute is the only Career and Tech School in Pennsylvania offering a specialization in Special Education. We are the leader in professional education in the region, offering a comprehensive and inclusive range of Special Education courses and certifications with an aim to attract intelligent and creative minds to the Special Education teaching arena, along with Childcare and Parenting, and train them efficiently to participate and bring happiness into the lives of kids with special education needs.
We are the name to count that aspiring teaching candidates often looked upon willing to fetch skills and upgrade their expertise on it.

We are dedicated to presenting specially designed teaching training certifications and promises to show the high standard of training and likely courses it offers.
EIEI is dedicated to academic excellence in Special Education and Early Childhood Education programs.

Our Mission

To be a training institute of excellence for Special Education Services people working in early childcare programs, schools, hospitals, and community settings.

Teacher Instructors & Trainers

The highly qualified and skilled teacher instructors and trainers at Educational Institute have years of experience and enough global exposure to increase the popularity of IDEA. Different courses and topics are being introduced constantly that adhere to the highest educational quality control and keeping global standard at the level of demand and popularity.

Educational Teacher Workshops

The varied teaching training courses we offer are created to accord the modern educations with qualities that will lend them one-of-a-kind teaching and management skills to establish a flourishing learning setting.
Moreover, EIEI has also partaken in the creation of practical teaching training workshops in different organizations, which were a result of the collaborations with different educational schools and institutes. This training aims to instill creative strategies and new teaching abilities into the teachers’ minds and are thoroughly created to match the varied needs of different schools.

Special Education Topics

EIEI was founded to focus on teachers’ training to get them ready and support outstanding global educators in the field of Special Education teaching, interweaving practical and theoretical knowledge.
Educational Institute strives to empower and educate outstanding global educators. That’s why we offer a comprehensive selection of subjects in the area of Special Education intended for aspiring and working teachers and those linked with teaching or caring for young kids. This will allow them to build the needed proficiency and use their skills within the field of special education and early years of teaching.


Special Education

Special education is a branch of education committed towards students whose sensory, learning, language, cognitive, and physical or emotional abilities deviate from the general population. Educators and teachers trained in this specialization offer ample guidance and support to children who cannot get proper access to education.

Specialized Branch of Science

That specialized branch of science has transformed after many years of study and development. It has come a very long way to provide services to students with different types and degrees of disabilities. Such disabilities may involve:
• Traumatic brain injury
• Dyslexia
• Autism
• Low vision or blindness
• Hearing impairment or deafness
• Communication or speech-based disabilities
• Learning disabilities
• Mental retardation
• And other types of health impairments

EIEI the First Institute

EIEI is the first institute in Pennsylvania to present a well-thought curriculum in association with some of the most acclaimed and acknowledged accreditations. We keep an international standard for mentoring our candidates while presenting unsurpassed scopes for international exposure.

Our Training

Our training certifications are restricted to the primary teacher training and elaborated their niche in supporting the candidates in techniques to manage the kids with special abilities.

Our Courses

Our courses are created by professional and experienced teachers who have been ruling their fields for a long time. The academic mentors are also present in different areas, which makes the teaching pattern understandable at each level.

Our Institute

Our institute’s unique characteristics, EIEI, segregate it from the other institutes existing in the market that claim to provide the finest platform for teacher certification and training. In addition, we have accreditations which are acknowledged as well for the excellent presentation of the best courses.


• Learn without the restriction of place and time
• Provides free updates and supports
• Different courses that cover each segment of special education teaching
• Numerous happy candidates who have accomplished their desired position in the teaching profession
• Globally acclaimed trainers who guide through the difficult challenges
• Highly qualified and experienced mentors
• Certified and diploma courses to accomplish the finesse of a course
The certificates acquired from us at EIEI make sure to offer the aspiring candidates the ideal platform that allows them to teach kids with special needs efficiently and successfully. What’s more, we ensure to increase the existing skills while elevating the trainees with professional skills.
Educational Institute genuinely believes in a mantra of developing better teachers who make sure to create a better and finer future.


Dr. Essence Allen-Presley

Dr. Essence Allen-Presley

Dr. Allen-Presley has over 15 years of experience in the field of education. Dr. Essence Allen-Presley is the current owner of I.C.U. STEM Academy a STAR 4 childcare program in Delaware County. She is the founder and President of The Childcare Institute of America (TCIOA), which empowers parents to advocate for their children with special needs in educational systems. She is also the Founder and CEO of the FIRST Career Institute in Pennsylvania for Early Childhood Professionals called The Education Institute for Early Intervention that trains non-educators to work with children with special needs.  

Cynthia MB Robinson

Cynthia MB Robinson

Mrs. Cynthia MB Robinson is married with 5 adult children, 4 grandchildren, and 1 great grand.  She received her Masters of Education Degree, her Bachelors of Science Degree in Child Care Management, and her Associates of Applied Science Degree in Early Childhood Education/Cum Laude.

Mrs. Robinson is an Educator, Master Provider, Transformational Coach and an Advocate within the ECE Community of Professionals.  She just retired from being the owner of “Mrs. Cynthia’s Munchkin Romper Room”– FCCH, after 23 years of community service, where she was and still is an entrepreneur and ECE leader.

L'Vonne McMillan

L'Vonne McMillan

L’Vonne McMillan is the founder and CEO of Advocate for Me, LLC. Advocate for Me specializes in working with families of children with special needs, which include educational, social, emotional and health care needs. As a parent of a child who was born prematurely with special health care needs, this cause is very dear to her heart.