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Offering a specialization

in special education
Slide To be a training institute of excellence for Special Education Services in early childcare programs, schools, hospitals, and community settings. Enroll Now Our Mission WHAT WE OFFER Special Education CONTACT US

Dr. Essence Allen-Presley

Dr. Allen-Presley has over 15 years of experience in the field of education. Dr. Essence Allen-Presley is the current owner of I.C.U. STEM Academy a STAR 4 childcare program in Delaware County. She is the founder and President of The Childcare Institute of America (TCIOA), which empowers parents to advocate for their children with special needs in educational systems. She is also the Founder and CEO of the FIRST Career Institute in Pennsylvania for Early Childhood Professionals called The Education Institute for Early Intervention that trains non-educators to work with children with special needs.  

What is EIEI?

EIEI is the first Higher Education Career Institute in Pennsylvania that offers an approved diploma (credit bearing) for Special Education and Early Childhood Education in a non-college setting. The school also provides state-approved certificates to other programs and organizations that serve people with various disabilities.


Teacher Instructors & Trainers

The highly qualified and skilled teacher instructors and trainers at Educational Institute have years of experience and enough global exposure to increase the popularity of IDEA.


Special Education Topics

EIEI was founded to focus on teachers’ training to get them ready and support outstanding global educators in the field of Special Education teaching. Contact us today and find out more about special education today.



Special Education

Special education is a branch of education committed towards students whose sensory, learning, language, cognitive, and physical or emotional abilities deviate from the general population.

First Institute

EIEI is the first education institute in Pennsylvania to present an accredited diploma for Special Education and Early Childhood Education in a non-university setting. We also provide state-approved certificates to other programs and organizations that serve people with various disabilities.


Our training certifications are taught by certified primary teachers who are experts in their niche that will train candidates in techniques to manage children with special abilities.


Our courses are created by professional teachers who have been experts in their fields for a long time. Specialized academic mentors are also present in different areas, for each level.

Our Institute

Our institute’s unique characteristics separate it from the other institutes existing in the market that claim to provide the finest platform for teacher certification and training.

Teacher's Appreciation

Educational Teacher Workshops

This training aims to instill creative strategies and new teaching abilities into the teachers’ minds and are thoroughly created to match the varied needs of different schools.


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